Astro-Drawings 2001

by Gerhard Niklasch

The Moon

Raman, Mons Herodotus, Montes Agricola

Mtes Agricola

Late evening light drawing of the region just W of Aristarchus, Herodotus, and Vallis Schröter (Rükl chart 18). Mons Herodotus in the middle of the drawing was much brighter than can be represented on-screen, and had multiple images of it dancing in the eyepiece under rapidly deteriorating seeing conditions. Raman is the feature at the top of the parallelogram-shaped plateau, only half of which is still illuminated at this stage; the chain on the right is Montes Agricola. A small part of Vallis Schröteri juts into the drawing area on the left, but it was not recognizable as such at the eyepiece.

Compare this drawing to the one made in morning light earlier during the same lunation.

Drawn 2001 August 16, 03:45-04:05 MEST (01:45-02:05 UT), JD2452137.582
Moon age: 26.26 days, sunrise longitude 127°01', subsolar latitude +1°10'
Libration: long.-5°43', lat.-0°37', limb angle 96°07', tilt 5°.746

Instrument: 8" f/5 Newton, Paracorr; Meade UWA 8.8mm (magnification c.131×)

G. Niklasch / Tue, 10 Jun 2003 22:14:34 MEST