Astro-Drawings 2001

by Gerhard Niklasch

The Moon


Albategnius at sunrise

at sunrise, with Klein embedded in its SW wall, Vogel to the South, Halley to the North, and part of the walled plain Hipparchus further North (Rükl chart 44).

Drawn 2001 July 27, 22:15-22:35 MEST (20:15-20:35 UT), JD2452118.344
Moon age: 7.0 days, sunrise longitude 1°58', subsolar latitude +0°46'
Libration: long.+7°15', lat.-5°33', limb angle 232°37', tilt 9°.134

Instrument: 8" f/5 Newton, Powermate 2.5× Baader ND0.9 filter; Pentax SMC Or-12mm (magnification c.200×)

G. Niklasch / Mon, 30 Jul 2001 14:41:23 MEST